The Dogs I Meet

On a November day, I finally met up with a friend to have drinks and look at art. The drinks were needed and the art was fabulous. It was not drinks or the art that kept my attention – it was Honey.

A sitting tan dog with an open mouth and right paw lifted into a human hand.

Meet Honey. She’s a rescue dog and her story is unique. Honey belonged to a homeless man in Lubbock, Texas. He had two dogs, Honey and a German shepherd. He took care of his dogs until he needed to find a home for them. You see, cancer was about to take his life and he needed to find a home for his babies.

Honey was taken in by my friend. I have never met a sweeter dog. If anyone ever says that mutts or pit bulls or pit bull mixes do not deserve a chance need to meet Honey. She’s super genial. All she wants is to be loved on.

So if anyone ever says don’t rescue a pit bull/put bull mix – then you’d be missing out on the chance of a lifetime for devotional love.

Mwah, Honey!