Dispelling Myths and Setting the History Straight – My Book Review

Discovering the Past

Dispelling Myths and Setting the History Straight  

I remember in 2005 working in Hardeman County on a Rangeland Survey project. Quanah, Texas captured my attention quickly. In trying to find names of landowners based on county records, I landed at Quanah’s Chamber of Commerce. There my partner and I were warmly greeted, showered with loads of water, and an electrolyte-type powder, as well as some snacks and other promotional items.  I fondly recall that because every Chamber of Commerce should be so welcoming to visitors. But when we were there we also had a small history lesson on the town and county. Most specifically how Quanah was tied to Quanah Parker.  

Time passed and then I became employed by a nonprofit foundation founded by one of the town’s leading figures. Every once in a while, the history comes out as it did with the initial encounter at the Chamber office.  

With all Texas history stories, there is fact and there is fiction mingled with the retelling of our history. Author Shane Lance of Discovering the PastStories of Quanah, Texas, Volume 1, gives readers the chance to explore that early history, dispelling myths and rumors while offering a new perspective of this historical town.   

From research of the archives of the Quanah Tribune-Chief, along with other sources, Lance explores the history of Quanah. Who knew back in the 1890s that extradition was even possible between Texas and Mexico? Were there ties to the actual Titanic? It is hard to imagine Quanah ever being flooded. Lance’s book explores this and so much more. 

Well-written, engaging told with a conversational style, this book is a must-read for anyone with ties to Quanah or anyone who is passing through like I did all those years ago. As with any history book, photos are essential to telling the story. Thankfully, Lance incorporated the images with each story.  

I loved this book. There are many historical treasures in this small volume of stories to read, you’ll need to do it for yourself. One thing is for sure, I’m more knowledgeable about Quanah, Texas history, as well as some unknown Texas history. The second thing for sure, I will never pass over the Pease River Bridge again without thinking about not having to pay a toll to cross it.