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About the Blog

Book Reviews: I’m passionate about books and love reading. I’m a reviewer for Lone Star Literary Blog Tours.

Dogs: I love dogs! 

Wildlife: I am a wildlife biologist and conservation advocate. 

History: I am an accidental historian. I never intended to research or write about history. My mentors include Dr. Fred Rathjen, Dr. Paul Carlson, and Dr. Monte Monroe, Texas State Historian.

Nonprofit: Nonprofit professional who has created and founded twelve nonprofits ranging from animal rescues to providing much-needed weekend snacks to kids to helping cancer patients.


About Me 

A native Texan reared in the Texas panhandle and deep east Texas, I earned two Master’s in Wildlife Biology/Museum Science and Environmental Toxicology. At Texas Tech University, my research was nonprofit administration, exotics in Texas, and West Nile virus.

A former tree climber, I collect seeds, dog kisses, and books. My home is still in Texas. Searching for a new place to call home. 


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