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A Miracle of an Angel Cat

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As many of you know, I am not highly religious. I often doubt any higher power exists beyond what we can see. There are times that I do believe with all my heart that something or someone is watching over us. And for this moment time when I captured this photo, I can say with certainty that someone was watching over me when this little angel appeared.

Here is the background on the photo:

I took this photo in December 2014 and aptly named her God’s Cat.

She appeared during a frustrating time when I was working in the Nazareth, Texas cemetery installing maps. The glass and metal case doors were extremely heavy and the West Texas wind was not cooperating. Each case door had to be lifted vertically, secured, and weighed about 60 pounds.

My curses ceased when this grey-blue-eyed cat appeared and started intertwining herself around my feet and legs, purring incessantly, along with a few meows. I had to pause many times so I would not trip or step on her. Those pauses gave me enough breathing room to actually stop and breath. Her presence calmed me and I was able to finish the installation of the maps even given the occasional gust of wind. At that moment in time, God knew what I needed.

Today, this little angel cat still reminds me it’s not a higher power who lets us down, it’s people who have an unwavering ability to let you down in life that you come across daily.  In reflection when I still look into her grey-blue eyes I’m thankful knowing God or an angel provided a calming gift in my life without me even realizing I needed one.

Life has changed dramatically since 2014 and this photo reminds me of this…

We all need small daily miracles.

We all need to believe that something more than this crazy world exists.

Often it is just a blue-eyed cat to remind us to stop, breathe, and enjoy life.

Don’t Read Obituaries. Live in the Moment!

Copy of _To know one's self is wisdom, but not to know one's neighbors is genius._ _ Minna Antrim


This is Azrael’s advice to a dear friend of mine whom I’ve known for over ten years. We met in New Mexico at a museum conference. Arthur is one of the kindest soul’s I have met in this chaotic and often unpredictable world.

When I found out he reads obituaries as a daily ritual, I shared his story with Azrael. (Yes, I do talk to my dog.)  Azrael’s advice to Arthur is simple – “Ignore reading the obituaries – you’re not dead yet!”

None of us should read obituaries, because they are just another representation of our mortality. Instead of shaking our heads, feeling the loneliness of another person gone, and walking away with a heavier heart – we should be living our lives and be enjoying each second, minute, hour, and day given to us.

Life can change in an instant.

Live in the moment.