The Hunt Story…



In October 1943 when Dr. Roy and Mae Hunt are found brutally murdered and disturbingly tied in their bed in a West Texas town, two suspects emerged in the slayings, but solving their murders came down to a bungled investigation and weak forensics, even the fatal bullet that took Roy’s life disappeared.  Adding to the mystery was the attempted murder of Dr. Hunt over a year earlier.  The only eyewitness who saw the murderer, Jo Ann Hunt, their five-year-old daughter, tells her harrowing account for the first time shedding new light on what transpired in the Hunt home when her parents were murdered.  “Fatal Bullets and the Search for Justice” details the murders and investigation through trial transcripts and appeal records and newspaper accounts.  Through extensive research, this story provides insights into how investigators mishandled this murder investigation on various levels.

I’ve spent six years with these unimaginable murders, telling the story – now to find a publisher so it can be shared.

Photograph – © Christena Stephens Photography



12 thoughts on “The Hunt Story…”

  1. I am an avid reader and I have heard lots of different attitudes about publishing , self publishing to or not to. .Maybe just maybe think about the e- book . i- book , facebook pages. etc… Spend the money on the e-way. This day I see millions holding a kindle or android almost anywhere . I hardly see any hardbook reading going on Cold hard books are hard to preserve and take up lots of storage space AFTER the read. BUT e-books can be stored many ways and today as a reader I prefer my tech over my books for several reasons. light source, lettering size, and handeling I have choices with my ebooks not with a book just saying.


    1. Hey June –

      I have thought about electronic publishing. This book probably should be done in both hard and electronic publishing just so it can cover both audiences. However, some I have looked into limit your image content and I have around 40 images for this book. I guess you need to come to my house and see my library. No electronic girl here!


    1. Self-publishing is hard work but it worked fairly well for me. I self-published a book about 20 years ago because of all the rejection letters. Fortunately I knew a printer who did the printing at a special price. One of my writing tutors always said you need to be able to cover a room’s walls with rejection letters and a banner when you are published. Don’t know about you, but I didn’t have that patience! Hettie

      Join me at my WordPress Blog and tell me what you think


      1. I have heard that about self-publishing with the hardest being the marketing. I appreciate you sharing your experience. I’ll check out your blog…


      2. Yes, marketing is hard work. I am also working on my memoir to publish sometime in the future. Not sure how I will go about publication yet.

        Please let me know how you find my blog. Only started about a month back.


        Join me at my WordPress Blog and tell me what you think


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