Heaven Listens with Light


Heaven Listens to Light-sig

Many of us have stopped to light a candle and say a prayer over a variety of life changing events, for me it’s always been due to loss of a family member or a dear friend and honestly I’ve had too many of those….

When December always arrived I located the nearest Catholic Church to light a candle in honor of my dad, silently remember him and say prayer. I never truly saw the significance of lighting a candle, except for that moment in time it gave me solace. Even after working for a Catholic Church for the last two years I did not see the significance until a recent trip back East. The visit was to the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

After witnessing several people light candle after candle it’s meaning became strong. Every person prayed their prayer and solemnly lit a candle. Each light represents our prayer going up towards heaven in the hopes God will hear us; and that heaven will listen with light.


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