The Crying Angel

Crying Angel-Sig
The Crying Angel


Of all the cemetery angels I have come across this one haunts me.  As I wander around a cemetery I never know what I will encounter along my path.  I saw this tall angel at a distance and started walking towards it.  When I reached her – my breath was stilled as I paused looking upon her face.  She was unmistakably crying from her left eye.

Yes – I did reach out to touch the tearstain, and it was apart of the granite.  As I photographed her it seemed those tears had been flowing for 50+ years over the grave she stood watch over.  The tears were her way of dealing with the pain and loss.  I did not want to walk away from her because I was so entranced.  She also reminded me of one of my favorite characters from Dr. Who, “The Weeping Angels.”

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Crying Angel

Photograph – © Christena Stephens Photography

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