“A Friend for a Friend” – June’s Gift


Not many gifts are to be remembered.

Not many gifts you receive are created with love.

Every time I see this image tears well up in my eyes. The tears are two-fold: it makes me miss my girl, Tesla and it showcase’s the incredible talent of my friend June who created this art piece as a birthday gift for me. June’s talent captured Tesla’s spirit and her Entle personality.

Tesla’s portrait is one of the best gifts I’ve received. It’s a beautiful tribute to our incredible Entle who was taken away so abruptly in February 2016. The pain has been hard to manage and the loss of her has left a hole in my life that most people would not understand. I’ve lost many people in my short life, as well as dogs, but this death was the hardest of them all. I hate fucking cancer.


Image – © June Musick

June Musick Website: https://www.junemusick.com/ 

Tesla: https://www.junemusick.com/collections/watercolor/products/tesla