A Moment with a Mexican Ground Squirrel

Hidden Sig May 2016 3RF

In my field time at Comanche Springs, I’ve seen this little guy during the spring and summer months running about this section.

He’s always afraid of the Gator and has only been captured on the nearby camera trap twice. All that changed on an overcast almost rainy day last month.

He ran west from the hiking path towards a clump of mesquite and prickly pear. Hoping to photograph him, I turned off the Gator to not frighten him any further. Then behind the cactus, plantain, and grass, he popped up. Not knowing what to expect, he emerged on top of dead mesquite branch. A few minutes later trusting that I was no danger to him – he finally fully stood up giving me a pose.

Mexican Ground Squirrel  sig May 2016 3RF

Mexican Ground Squirrel Moment Ed -sig May 2016 3RF

Yes – it was a small special moment between a photographer and a Mexican Ground squirrel.

Photographs – © Christena Stephens Photography