One of the oldest Hilton Hotel’s – haunted?


Since researching the attempted murder and murder trials around the Hunt killings I’ve passed by the former Hilton Hotel in Plainview, TX many times. This hotel opened in 1929. It was the sixth hotel Conrad Hilton built for Hilton Hotels.

It’s been reported the hotel is haunted. Remaining curtains move with breeze like motions as if air is circulating within the building. Or they move as if being lifted up by someone peering out onto the street. There is reportedly one room where a Bible lies on the floor. Without movement of air, its pages began to flip without help.

All those times of passing it or parking in front of the building – it has never failed of me getting a sense that someone or something is watching me from one of those upper windows. It was pretty obvious when a friend and I walked around the entire building one Saturday afternoon while I was taking photos. Especially coming from the back ballroom area as I call it and from the front of the building.

I’ve never been inside this building. Yes – I’ve wanted to go inside to get a sense of its former glory to help me imagine the main characters in the Hunt story staying in this hotel, along with all the lawyers, police officers and Texas Rangers.


Photograph – © Christena Stephens Photography