Remembering Tesla and Jett on All Souls’ Day

Remembering Tesla and Jett - All Souls' Day - Dog Cancer


Today would’ve been Tesla’s and Jett’s 11th birthdays. Given this remembrance, it’s a sad day for Jett’s mom, Sue and me.

The Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock, Texas hosts a Dia de los Muertos show every year. Sharla and I attended the Procession a few days ago.

Naturally, tears welled up in my eyes at seeing my photograph of Tesla hanging on the wall. This was my last act of love and remembrance for her.

What took my breath away that night was the people admiring the photograph and reading the story I put with the photograph. One lady, not knowing who I was, turned to both Sharla and me stating, “That’s just beautiful and sad. It made me cry.” When Sharla pointed out Tesla was my baby and I was the photographer this complete stranger came over and gave me a hug and condolences.

While I don’t believe in the Rainbow Bridge, I hope that all dogs do go to heaven and after death, we will see our beloved dogs again. I hope somewhere along the way Jett and Tesla found each other. Visioning them playing together and watching over Sue and I gives me some semblance of comfort.

Cancer still sucks until there is a cure.


Photograph – © Christena Stephens Photography