3RF - 2016 Fawn

Best Camera Trap Captures – September 2016

I’ll be sharing the best camera trap captures from each month in 2016. These images are from the field research I’m conducting for 3 Rivers Foundation, so I’ll be presenting these captures all the way back to January 2016.

These images are selected to show here are based on the animal behavior captured, as well as uniqueness of the capture.

September 2016 – Best Camera Trap Captures

Lone bobcat strolling during mid-afternoon.


The only white-tailed deer fawn born in 2016 at 3RF.


How many eyes do you count in this image?  This capture is spooky for many reasons. First, its the first time this many feral hogs have been captured in on the camera traps. Second, there is no telling how many hogs are behind these initial ones.


How many eyes? - Coyotes
How many coyote eyes do you see?  These are the coyote pups born earlier this year.


3RF Turkeys
Rio Grande Turkeys randomly walk through 3RF property. Sometimes they are lone turkeys, but often the cameras capture at least three of them walking.


3RF Peeing Hog
This is a first – peeing right in front of the camera! Feral hogs have no shame.


Hello - White tail deer - 3RF
“Oh, hello!” White-tailed deer are very curious mammals.



Photographs – © Christena Stephens


2 thoughts on “Best Camera Trap Captures – September 2016”

    1. This research is exciting because I never know what I’ll encounter from month to month on the cameras or being physically out in the field. I’ve had many moments where my breath was taken away.

      Thanks for commenting!


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