Mom’s Sadness and Happiness Over Giving During Christmas Season

Azrael - Stephens
Can you tell I’m concerned for my mom?

My mom came home depressed. I was all happy with my tail wagging when she walked in the door. My happiness didn’t take away her sadness. Now I’m sad.

She’s sad about the lack of caring of giving back to a nonprofit in need. She partnered one of her nonprofits with Lubbock Meals on Wheels to give back during their 12 Days of Christmas. The purpose was to help collect and donate 100 small fleece throws to give to Senior Citizens who need them to help keep them warm. While she was able to purchase enough to get the quota her organization promised, Mom’s still saddened.

I sit watching tears well up in her eyes because she doesn’t understand how people cannot give back. How hard it is for people to buy a fleece throw for $2.50? How hard it is for them to understand that giving makes them richer? Most importantly – how will these people feel when someday they may need the services of Meals on Wheels?

Paws up bright note! She’s thankful for the member who’s been sick and in the hospital that generously donated the nice fleece throws with the fuzzy backing. Dang it I didn’t get to inspect them or I might’ve pulled one out of the sack to keep for myself! This lady took the time to buy some throws. Whoever gets them will be surrounded by lots of love, as well as warmth. Mom’s thankful to the other members who stepped up to donate. My Aunt gathered and collected the throws and helped mom deliver all 100 throws.

Wal-Mart Fleece Throws for Meals on Wheels Lubbock
Purchasing the extra throws. Thank goodness this Walmart had a large of them.


Delivery of Throws
Delivery of fleece throws to Meals on Wheels in Lubbock, TX.


As I continue to watch over my mom, I know this will not deter her from wanting to do good, as well as doing for others. Sadly, I just wish I could’ve helped present some of these throws – I’d like to have been petted by a few senior citizens.

My advice to all you out there in this big world – always have a giving heart. You don’t know whose day or world you’ll be brightening or for that matter helping keep warm.


Photographs – © Christena Stephens