Best Camera Trap Captures – June and July 2016

I’ll be sharing the best camera trap captures from each month in 2016. These images are from the field research I’m conducting for 3 Rivers Foundation, so I’ll be presenting these captures all the way back to January 2016.

These images are selected to show here are based on the animal behavior captured, as well as the uniqueness of the capture.

June and July 2016 – Best Camera Trap Captures

A greater roadrunner surveys his territory.
Running coyotes.
Even though it was only 80 degrees, it appears this bobcat is still feeling the effects of the heat of the day.
This was a new white-tailed doe checking out the camera.
Hate feral hogs, but there is something endearing about this mother hog and her babies walking beside her.
A barn owl on the main part of the property.
Have no idea what was up with this greater roadrunner.
Cottontail rabbits are frequently captured in most areas of the property.
These are tricky little birds – blue quail. In west Texas, eastern New Mexico and the Oklahoma Panhandle they are known as blue quail. Elsewhere in Arizona and western New Mexico, they are called scaled quail.  In Colorado and southern Kansas, both names are used.

Photographs – © Christena Stephens