Best Camera Trap Captures – December 2016

I’ll be sharing the best camera trap captures from each month in 2016. These images are from the field research I’m conducting for 3 Rivers Foundation, so I’ll be presenting these captures all the way back to January 2016.

These images are selected to show here are based on the animal behavior captured, as well as the uniqueness of the capture.

 December 2016 – Best Camera Trap Captures

Coyotes along one of the paths.


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During the early part of this study raccoons proved to be the most curious of all animals. Camera traps captured more raccoon selfies than any other animal. I like seeing these mammals come back to the property.


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A day after Christmas selfie of a young bobcat. This cat is new to the property.


There is a whole set of these coyote photos from this round of camera trapping. I’ll be sharing those photos in a separate post. The camera trap now does not even phase them as they go about their days and nights playing.


This eight-point buck is simply a beauty.


Captured dinner of a hispid cotton rat.


There is nothing more beautiful than a bobcat in the evening sun.


I yelped out on this one. Finally, the camera has captured a frontal image of a porcupine. Other images have either shown their backsides or just their tails. You can see evidence of their presence on the property due to the bark gnawing on trees. They leave smaller gnaw marks than beavers and often start at the top of the trees and move downward.



Photographs – © Christena Stephens