All Writers Need a Support System

Azrael silently supports me during my writing.


All writers need a support system. Most of us have great friends to sound off our book ideas to or help with read-throughs of our books. Paws down most writers would agree it’s our dogs or cats that silently support us with unfaltering love and encouragement. I’ve been blessed with having Azrael by my side these last months while I’ve gone through my last edits on the intense book of the Hunt murders. She’s given her silent support and love when I’ve needed it the most, especially in the early morning hours of writing and editing. She curls up and waits patiently and often listens to my written words when I need to work on a passage.

Yes – all writers need a support system and Azrael is mine for the moment – along with a few fantastic friends.


Photograph – © Christena Stephens Photography