Best Camera Trap Photos – August 2017

My camera trap research continues for the 3 Rivers Foundation at the Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus, as my position has moved to a part-time Director of Education and Wildlife Biologist. I’m grateful for this opportunity to teach and continue this research.

I’ve employed new Reconyx cameras onsite and will continue to use Browning Strike Force cameras as well. The Browning cameras have held up well considering some of them have been in place for two years of research.

I’ll continue to share the best camera trap captures from this research on this 700-acre campus. These images are selected to show here are based on the animal behavior captured, as well as the uniqueness of the capture.


August 2017 – Best Camera Trap Captures

Turkey vultures have the saddest looking faces.  They love this area of the campus.
Bobcat strolling by the camera.
Reconyx 3 - August 2017 062
Baby Great Blue Heron born this year.
Reconyx 3 - August 2017 091
Bobcat at night.
Reconyx 3 - August 2017 291
Great Blue Heron preening.
Reconyx 3 - August 2017 409
In the series of captures of Rio Grande Turkeys walking in front of this camera, the very last one decided to do a selfie before walking off entirely.
Reconyx 3 - August 2017 603
No clue what’s going on with these two, but its rare to see a Great Blue Heron and Greater Roadrunner posing in the same capture.
Reconyx 3 - August 2017 1222
Another set of four coyote pups were born this year on the campus. This is one of them.
Reconyx 3 - August 2017 1229
Seriously, showing the camera a leaf!
Reconyx 4 - August 2017 241
Adore this capture of these two coyote siblings.
Baby GBH-Aug 2017 - 1
Baby Great Blue Heron posing for the camera.
Baby GBH-Aug 2017-2
Baby Great Blue Heron posing for the camera. Its been a rare opportunity to see this little bird grow this summer at the campus.
Baby Racoons Aug 2017
Baby raccoons were born this year on campus.
Feral Hogs-Aug 2017
Still hate these guys, but its great capture.