Tangible Spirits – My Review

Genre: Paranormal / Thriller / Suspense 
Publisher: Clear Creek Publishing
Date of Publication: May 13, 2017
Number of Pages: 316
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Reporter Gera Stapleton has a difficult choice to make: write the story of a lifetime or save the legacy of a townóand a manóshe has come to love. Assigned to a piece in Jerome, Arizona about a once-friendly ghost gone on a crime spree, Gera stumbles upon an amazing tale of greed, deception, and family honoróand murder. When the killer targets her as the next victim, an unlikely savior comes to her rescue. Smart dialogue, plenty of action, and a touch of the supernatural make this a must-read novel.

“Becki Willis blends bits of history with bits of fancy and weaves a tantalizing tale you won’t soon forget.”




2018 Best Paranormal Fiction
by The Association of Texas Authors 
2018 RONE Award Finalist for Paranormal Long
Crowned Heart Recipient from InD’Tale Magazine



Tangible Spirits – My Review


“Oh, great,” Gera grumbled aloud. “They’re even blaming that on the poor guy. Like a ghost from the thirties even knows what the internet is.”

First – Jerome, Arizona is a historical mining town that I fell in love with while traveling that I often wish I’d gone back to visit, but when you’re traveling with dogs it’s hard to make stops for a proper visit.

Second – I love ghost stories.

Third – I thankful for being exposed to new authors I would never try on my own. Thanks, Lone Star Lit.

Fourth – I deeply appreciate authors who autograph their review copy books.

Fifth – I have a predilection for books that will make me remember them long after they become a part of my growing library.

Sixth – the cover is the bomb.

Becki Willis has created a truly unforgettable tale in Tangible Spirits that encapsulates ghosts, murders, attempted murder, and romance. The latter is just enough that it does not get sappy.

Set in Jerome, Arizona, reporter Gera Stapleton is sent to cover a story on the ghostly town of Jerome. What she encounters upon her arrival is a murder and that murder leads her to investigate it, along with discovering if ghosts are actually real.

If you believe in ghosts or have had ghostly encounters, then you soon realize that Willis’ story crafting is truly believable when it comes to the ghosts revealed in Tangible Spirits. You also come to understand that gossip is indeed the universal language of small towns and that the power of suggestion is very real.

You can tell Willis’ did her research on this book on many levels, but incorporating unknown history that I did not know into this book makes it even more exceptional. Do you know about Executive Order 6102 under President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933? Well – you’ll learn about it in this book.

“Dead is dead, except when it comes to love. And love alone had the power to outlast death.”

Tangible Spirits weaves a story around Gera and you’re left wondering who’s real, who’s not, and who committed murder(s). Brilliantly written, the story takes you on a journey in the span of ten days that will leave you wondering if perchance Willis has a sequel planned to this story. If not – then I’ll look forward to reading more books by her.

Thanks, Becki for one of the most enjoyable books so far for me in 2018.


To the delight of readers around the world, Becki Willis writes memorable characters in believable situations. Best known for Forgotten Boxes and The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series, Becki has won numerous awards, but says her biggest achievement is her family and her loyal reader base.

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