Sasha Needs You, Your Bed, and Your Love!

Back of a dog's head looking outward.


Quick takeaways

  • Sasha is exceptionally sweet.

  • She would be an excellent companion to snuggle with.

  • Believe she would make an excellent hiking and camping dog.

  • She has an incredible smile.

Meet Sasha!

Sasha has been with the Animal Rescue of Crosby County for over two years – over 795 days. I spent some time with her at Petsmart and here’s what I discovered.

Sasha loves riding in cars. She’s the perfect side seat companion driving long distances to keep you company. She walked probably the furthest she’s ever walked since being at ARCC with me. She was not reactive to traffic or single cars or people. She does pull on a leash with just a collar but after harnessing her she walked great with a little pulling. Sasha just needs more long walks and possibly hiking. She’s quite out of shape but not fat.

When she was sitting with me inside Petsmart, I could tell immediately this babe craves companionship and closeness. She loves ear rubs. OMG – she’s so soft given that she’s only known the ARCC kennels for the last two years. Her coat reminds of my Rosha’s coat who was a chow/pit bull mix. Sasha even allowed me to look at her teeth without any fidgeting. She kinda has sit down. Of course, I was using German commands on her.

I’m going out on a limb but I truly think by the way she looks at Kerri that she’d make any woman a loving companion and guardian.

Sasha has some quirkiness that requires her to be an only dog. While she was not really reactive with dogs I saw at Petsmart, she really does not like other female dogs. Sasha does have an odd way of peeing – meaning she squats with her whole body to pee. I don’t think she’s been around enough females to understand and learn how she should be peeing. According to Kerri she sometimes lifts her leg like a boy dog.

I created an Amazon Wishlist just for Sasha. I’m hoping this helps get her adopted quickly. By knowing that she comes with dog food, dog treats, bowls, travel bowls, beds, collar, leash, harness, nail clippers, etc. I hope this will persuade the right person to give her a future home.

Friends, let’s help get Sasha adopted. That’s a long time to be without a home. Yes – she’s been safe but Kerri and ARCC did not save her to live out her life in a kennel. There are many nights lately when my heart worries if she is cold. Trust me – if she’d get along with my Azrael she would’ve been here at my home long ago all based on how she rides in a car!

Sasha’s Amazon Wishlist is still available to purchase items from

Feel free to share this blog post and Sasha’s Wishlist. To find out more about Sasha please contact Animal Rescue of Crosby County in Crosbyton, Texas. Kerri is the lady who you need to talk to about Sasha. Here is their Facebook link:

What Sasha needs more than anything else is a loving home. She needs your love. She needs to share your bed.

Dog smiling in a water tank.