Missing My Tesla – Meet the Dog Books that Have Helped Me

Tesla 2015 B&W

A piece of me went with Tesla when she died. I’ve been missing her a lot here lately.

Dogs can take a piece of your heart and soul when they leave us behind. Tesla took a piece of me.  I always feel as though I’m missing something in my life, only to come to realize I’m missing Tesla.

Thankfully, two little dog books have helped immensely with her loss over these past few years. The things that never helped me was saying anything comment related to that stupid made up rainbow bridge. I prefer to believe in an Angel Bridge that’s tied to Heaven.


I Will See You in Heaven written by Friar Jack Wintz I discovered in Santa Fe, NM at the Saint Francis Cathedral gift shop. It’s filled with biblical references with the most touching chapter being on The Soul of a Dog. Friar Wintz solidifies through the spiritual references that if there is no heaven for dogs then what’s the point of an afterlife.

“I know that some people say animals don’t have souls…. Nobody can say that they don’t have mighty hearts….”

The other book was an unexpected gift from a new friend who is aptly Castiel’s grandmother, titled For Every Dog An Angel written by Christine Davis. The philosophy Davis uses is heartwarming and most touching over the loss of your heart dog.  I would like to believe that every puppy born has a guardian angel and that indeed an Angel Bridge exists. Davis illustrates her words beautifully throughout the small book on the message that dogs do indeed have angels and can be our angels.

“You may feel four paws padding along next to you when you are walking….”

Tesla was my forever, heart dog. I hope I do see her at that Angel Bridge, sitting and waiting for us to meet again.

Until that time, my current two angels, Azrael and Castiel will fill in as best they can with their love and devotion.