Ten Reasons for Loving a Pollinator Garden

Garden, Outside, Blue Sky, Rocks
Buffalo Lake NWR Pollinator Garden


As the cicadas sang their summer song while taking in this scene, I was thankful for this pollinator garden for many reasons.

Here they are…

The first reason was friendship. The friend I was sitting by has become a dear friend and one I wish I could see every week. The other friend I was sitting by has been a best friend for a long time and I wish we had more adventures together.

The second reason was the volunteers. Both young and old volunteered their time to build this pollinator garden from constructing the petal design to planting the seeds to weeding and watering the garden.

The third reason was there was a beautiful red bench with a back that was built and donated by a volunteer.  We were able to sit on this bench under an elm tree and enjoy the sounds of the cicadas. You could almost feel the love that went into the craftsmanship of this homemade item.

The fourth reason was the birdbath. It was donated by volunteers because birds do need water.

The fifth reason was the USFWS employee who trusts with her heart. I don’t know her that well but you can tell she is a great person.

The sixth reason was the rains this year. Without the rains, the native prairie demonstration garden would not be as vibrant and full of wildflowers.

Red flower, Yellow flower,
Indian blanket.

The seventh reason was the turkey vultures riding the drafts. Always thankful to see them unless it is when Sharla and I are hiking because that means they are more than likely expecting one of us to collapse and start feeding.

The eighth reason was public land. Without public lands, nature would be lost. We need public lands to protect from the tiniest wildflowers to the coyotes, turkey vultures, acorn woodpeckers – just to name a few. Wildlife needs a home just like we all do.

The ninth reason was Gary Edson. He was the mentor who taught me initially all about nonprofits. Without his guidance, the Friends of the High Plains might have always been a talking project. People love talking about doing but not following through. Because of doers, this garden became a reality, along with the Friends organization.

The tenth reason goes back to friendship. Without friends near and far life would literally bite. Connections of sitting on a bench listening to cicadas and admiring the grace of flying turkey vultures are precious. Life moves quickly. Enjoy it.




Place: Buffalo Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Umbarger, TX

Pollinator Garden: Made possible by Bernice Blasingame, Texas Master Naturalists Panhandle Chapter, Neil Purcell, Jean Parker, Bring Back the Monarchs to Texas via Native Plant Society of Texas, and Friends of the High Plains Refuge Complex.