A Tribute to Travelin’ Jack

7/4/2008 – 8/10/2019

Best of Jack_no sig
Travelin’ Jack

Putting this out there right now. I am the worst person. While I know I’m not, in my heart right now I feel like the worst person. A friend whom I lost contact with and had put an endearing trust in me I’ve let her down. That friend opened her heart and home to me and opened my world to new adventures. Right now, I hate myself for letting her down. Right now, I’m crying because her dog Travelin’ Jack has passed away. He lived his best life and was well-known in New Mexico. He was only eleven years old. Right now – I should be there for Jill.

In October 2012 I met Travelin’ Jack and Jill Lane. I had been following Travelin’ Jack’s blog and his Facebook page for a long time. That’s how the friendship began. Jill gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to photograph Jack and Terri Q. Sayre for a book cover that would benefit rescue dogs in New Mexico. I continued photographing Jack until my life took over. That’s why I hate myself.  Loss of time spent with Jack. Loss of friendship with Jill. Loss of time. Those things can never be recovered.

I had many adventures with Jack. Beloved moments which I will always hold dear in my heart and memories. Travelin’ Jack was an Olde English Bulldog. His slobber was messy. His heart was true. Jack emitted pure love. To a certain extent, he was protective of me when I was around. He was always a good poser for photographs. Even though I was not supposed to sneak him food – I did anyway. He trusted me wholeheartedly. He was the best dog to snuggle with on cold mountain nights. Jack even went into the bathroom with me more than once inside the Balloon Museum. That was quite the shock for other ladies greeting a massive dog in the bathroom.

Because of Jack and Jill, I became a better photographer. For that, I will always be grateful to them both. There is an old saying it is not the camera that makes a photographer. I agree with that and will add to it that it is – experiences that make you a better a photographer.

Life is not easy for many of us. I’ve had my own battles to win, some I’m still trying to win. We choose what becomes our priorities. Now that Travelin’ Jack is gone I realize some of my priorities were ill-placed. Time is the most valuable piece we can give of ourselves. Trusting friends should always be cherished.

Thank you, Travelin” Jack, for the memories, kisses, and slobbers.

Thank you, Jill, for your trust and friendship.


Here is my photographic tribute to Travelin’ Jack.  

dog at top of stairs
Jack always loved rushing up the stairs before me.
Jack was never supposed to be in bed but I never could resist.


He kept me warm while visiting Chama.


Perfect hiking dog.
Jill is like me – hates pictures of herself – but I simply have always loved this photo of them both.
Travelin’ Jack and I at the Trinity Site.
Jack had just gotten an award at the Balloon Museum.
Jack at Abiqui_B&W
This is my favorite capture of Jack. We were in Abiquiu.
Yes – Jack was trying to climb the kiva ladder to get to me at the top.
He was a poser!
Jack_St. Francis
I don’t believe in rainbow bridges but I truly hope and believe that there is a doggie heaven and I’ll see Jack again.
Flowers and Jack always went together.
Pet Friends copy
Book cover photo I took of Travelin’ Jack and Terrie Q.
History Both Sides_JackB&W copy
My second favorite photo of Jack. Always a leader and a companion.