In an Instantaneous Moment, What a Dog Reminded Me Of…

Photo of dog's head in a person's hand.
Handsome Caleb working his magic.

When I woke from a dream this morning because the dogs’ clocks are still on the other time – I knew why Caleb, an Entlebucher had become such a big part of my heart in an instantaneous moment. I had the pleasure of meeting him in upper New York along the serene Lake Seneca as a backdrop.

How did Caleb impact my life so much? It was almost like he silently performed a magic trick. Let me tell you I had forgotten much of what Caleb taught me. Life has its challenges in many regards either with health, job, or family. I’ve been dealing with two of those challenges. When all you have are challenges you must deal with you tend to forget the rest of what life has to offer.

This is what handsome Caleb’s magic trick reminded me of…

  • Be a collector of moments.
  • Be a collector of dog kisses.
  • Be a collector of talking to people.
  • Be a collector of trying new foods.
  • Be a collector of traveling.
  • Be a collector of observations.
  • Be a collector of smiles.
  • Be a collector of laughter.
  • Be a collector of listening to your gut.
  • Be a collector of taking risks.
  • Be a collector of friends.

In a single moment, Caleb taught me all these things. Strange that it seems that a dog can teach you something so profound, so silently, and so quickly. Caleb did this by the look in his eyes. By the lick of his tongue. By the placement of his head in my hand.

While I will always be a book collector, a Halloween décor collector, and most definitely a Christmas ornaments collector – I needed the reminder that collecting meaningless items does not make us happy in the long run. It is the collections of moments that bring the quick smile to our faces during a rough day, makes our hearts warm with just the mere thought of them, or gives us much needed peace to our minds before we close our eyes as we drift off to sleep.

A most handsome Caleb taught me all of this in an evening moment. It just took me over forty days to figure it out.  I knew there was some reason why my heart had fallen for him so quickly. I just could not place my finger on it. Of course, just the thought of him in that one moment where he placed his head in my hand brings a smile to my face. That memory gives my heart peace.

I am glad to have figured out why I love Caleb now so much. Do I need a reason to love a dog? No. But thoughts of him have kept making me smile.

Through his quiet magic, Caleb taught me to be a collector of moments again.

Thank you for that dear boy!