Thankful for These in 2019

Hearing the rain outside my office window this evening is a peaceful close to this Thanksgiving Eve. As Thanksgiving 2019 arrives, I become a tad more thankful this year. Yes – this year seems to have flown by but I was able to make some wonderful memories from many, many moments this year.

Here are my best:

Thankful for seeing these bluebonnets from start to finish.
Thankful for discoveries of new wildflowers. 


Thankful to discover large trees. Photo credit: Lynn Seman 



Thankful for the outreach teaching I have done this year on environmental systems to bobcats. My one regret this year was not taking the time to color a bobcat with this girl when she took my hand and asked me to join her in coloring a bobcat. 
Thankful to discover new life.
Thankful for this pollinator garden and the tears I’ve cried over it. Mostly I’m thankful for the friendships surrounding this garden. 
Thankful I got to see the Finger Lakes region of New York. 
Thankful for new friendships. 
Processed With Darkroom
Thankful I’m not afraid of tarantulas.
Thankful my heart fell for Caleb! I need more Caleb time. 
Thankful for the ability to love and meet this babe before my doctor’s appointment. 
Thankful I stopped by the Hunt House recently to remind me that I still have a book to finish. 
Woman, Sign, Breast Cancer
Thankful for Glenna for being my nonofficial adoptive mom for the last 25 years.
Bison skull image
Thankful for all the gifts both great and small. 
Thankful for this little girl who would sing if she could. She’s always up in my face when I sing. 


Thankful I notice and respect the smallest of God’s treasures.
Thankful I could pay it forward to Bonnie and Clyde. Clyde was the first 103 person I’ve ever met.
Thankful for this girl who always has my back.
Very thankful for all the sunsets I have seen this year.


What are you thankful for this year?


All photos ©Christena Stephens, except where noted.