Open Letter to Backyard Breeders

Dogs Head-CSP
This babe is one of the lucky ones that has been saved and rescued in another county… one day she’ll have a home of her own and her very own lap to sit in while watching TV. 


Dear Backyard Breeders –

I’m in bed reading at 11:30 at night with my window open for fresh air and your dog has been crying and barking for over an hour now. The barks turn to whimpers and then pitiful crying. Not even the fan is drowning out the sounds of your dog.

You, dear Fucktard Backyard Breeders, are the reason why puppies should never be born. You are the reason why children grow up thinking its ok to abuse, abandon, and mistreat dogs.

You are the reason why my heart breaks every time I hear your dog and the puppies she’s had screaming and crying. You are the reason why mandatory breeding, spaying, and neutering laws should be in place. You are the reason why animal cruelty laws are a joke.

Dogs are companion animals – not be permanent outside dogs. They should not be locked in garages nor chained on chains.

If your dog cannot sleep in the house with you, eat with you, watch TV with you, have playtime with you, take walks with you – then don’t get a damn dog.

If you chose to be a backyard breeder then make damn sure you feed your dog. Skinny is not the new in with dogs. Make sure your dog always has fresh water daily.  Because guess what – if your dog enters my garage and goes to my dog’s food instead of being a normal dog and checking out animal skulls – then guess what – you’re not doing your job as a dog owner. Your damn dog is starving.

My most dreaded fear is you tossing your dog aside after your done breeding them. My most next dreaded fear is me hitting your tossed dog with my car because you dumped them in the country because I could not stop in time on my many travels. My next dreaded fear is that an animal shelter worker or city employee has to euthanize your dog with your dog’s only comfort of care being in the last moments of its life. Damn, backyard breeders do you not do not give a fuck for other people’s feelings? It is clear you do not give a damn about the feelings of your dog!

You are the reason why I’m beginning to hate people. You are the reason why I’m starting to hate the world more and more.

Words of advice you’ll never heed – stop breeding your frigging dog. You don’t need the money that bad if you can afford a newer car than mine, along with other high-tech gadgets, like a security system and new TVs.

Lastly, for the sake of people who love dogs – just stop breeding your damn dog. You’re causing unbeknownst heartache to me and other people who love dogs for the reason dogs exist – unconditional love and loyalty.

Note:  To read more about the background of the dog mentioned in this letter: