A Red-Tailed Hawk Look

The camera traps I set have often captured red-tailed hawks at our Beaver Pond since I have been monitoring the wildlife at Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus beginning in 2015. Most of the photo captures show these hawks just sitting at the pond edge as if they are looking over their domain. There was one set of captures showing a red-tailed hawk bathing in the pond.

On a recent component of improving the pond, a set of native rocks was moved to the pond so the rocks can be placed around the eastern edge of the pond. The camera stayed quiet for a few days in front of the rocks except for raccoons walking by at night. The rocks were something new at the pond and the birds had to get adjusted to the rocks being there.

The red-tailed hawk took to the rocks a few days after like they had been there the entire time during the hawk’s visits to the pond. What is so remarkable about this set of camera trap captures is when the red-tailed hawk looked directly at the camera. The direct look is priceless.



Browning 11 - December 2019 - 2548-imp

RTH Look Browning 11 - December 2019 - 2551-imp

Browning 11 - December 2019 - 2565-imp (1)

Browning 11 - December 2019 - 2564-imp (1)