A Story for Jules

Jules at Christmas


A long time ago when I was being an actress I made a friend. Her name was Becky Peel. She was a fellow actress too, along with a paying gig of being a hairdresser. She was often the life of a party. She loved all her friends – no matter gay or straight. Becky taught me to laugh at many things, including myself. No one had taught me that yet.  Becky was not perfect. I mean none of us are.

Becky was Becky. She was my Matron of Honor. She got me through some tough times with Barry in the early years of our marriage. She even cut off my ponytail once because we’d been drinking and smoking pot. I always hated her for that chop of over twelve inches. 

The most important thing about Becky. She was there when my dad died. I had friends back then but it was Becky who kept me sane. How did she do that? On the day of my dad’s funeral – she took me to her house. I’d not had one bite to eat that day and hardly nothing in the previous days except for frozen yogurt. When she handed me the glass of wine and the joint I did what she told me to. I started drinking wine and smoking pot. I needed both.

Becky had a little dog that looks a lot like Jules. That dog – whom I cannot recall her name – took to me that night after my dad’s funeral. She sat in my lap and by my feet.

Empty stomachs and wine do not mix. I threw up all the wine outside Becky’s travel trailer right off of the steps onto the concrete. While Barry and Becky took turns holding my hair. The dog was waiting below for every heave I made. That little dog licked up all my wine vomit and getting drunk in the process. I remember Becky laughing hysterically. I wound up in the trailer bed with the dog entangled in my hair (that was before Becky chopped off my ponytail). The dog slept with me until Barry took me home to my own dogs of Rosha and Toby.

It was quite remarkable waking up to a little dog entangled in your hair facing you and gently reaching out giving you tender kisses on your face. Plus, the dog snored which was like a lullaby to me. Her warmth kept me warm on that cold December night.

That night was the last time I smoked pot. I had literally just been through one of the worst emotional roller coasters of my life. Becky knew I needed it. For that – I will always tear up and be thankful for her.

When we moved I lost contact with Becky. Then Becky moved to Kerrville and we literally lost total contact. There were days and times I’d think about her. Reflect on the good times and think about that dog.

That dog came up in a recent conversation with friends, along with my dad’s funeral prompting me to look up Becky. I found out Becky died in July 2018. I was devastated. I know she must have died from either cancer or just bad health. When I shared her obit with Barry he could’ve cared less. When I said I needed to do something for Kenny, her husband – Barry said let it go. I cannot let it go. If I did I would be really stepping back from living and acknowledging the people that got me to where I am today. Even with her jacked ways – Becky had a beautiful heart. She cared for me and loved me at a time when I needed friendship and she was there for me at the worst time in my life. Barry said just the other day I treated him terrible that day and during that whole process. Seriously! I just lost my dad how I am supposed to act.

So, Jules – half of your adoption fee through Animal Rescue of Crosby County will be paid by me in remembrance of Becky Peel and of her little dog that licked up my wine vomit, got as drunk as I did, and slept as close as she could to comfort me on one of my darkest days. I can say without a doubt wine never kills a dog. That dog licked up a whole bottle of wine and woke up with me the next day.  In addition to your half-paid adoption fee, you’ll get a going home package from me for your new home.

Why? Because you remind me of the dog that comforted me during one of my darkest nights.

Kenny, this is the least I can do for Becky who was there in my life when I needed someone the most during my emerging years as an actress, young wife, and loss of her dad. I do this in loving remembrance of Becky for being there in my darkest of days.

My deepest condolences to you, Kenny.


Note: Jules was officially adopted on February 29, 2020! She now has her forever home.