Hunt Book Edited Papers
The editing pages of the Hunt book.

This! This has been a long endeavor, one that has been trying and rifled with life’s ups and downs. But with every iteration, with every research discovery it has been an amazing journey.

This! This is what I have been doing since March which is doing another hard edit of the Hunt book. A lot of purple of ink was used. And I even forgot to acknowledge a couple of people. I even threw in an Easter egg.

This! This is what it means to have people in your life that love and support you.

This! This next phase is doing a complete verbal read through.  Plus, I technically need to make a journey to Cameron, Texas for final segment of research. (Who’s joining me?) Then this goes to an editor for a proof and polish.

Filing cabinet drawer with Hunt fiels
The Hunt research files.

This is your update as proof that I have been working on this. I want this done, as much as you do. Perfection of this magnitude takes time; especially given all the squirrels I have had to chase or other obstacles that I have had to climb since 2010.

To be honest the title is still a work in progress!