Bird specimen pinned to a styrofoam.
Merlin pinned for drying to become a scientific specimen.

Time is the most valuable gift you can give. 

I’m deeply grateful to Nancy McIntyre for the sharing of her time to teach me her way of prepping museum birds. Her method is completely way easier than what I originally learned and sooooo less messy.

I needed to refamiliarize myself on how to prep bird research specimens, especially given that I have a USFWS salvage permit. I’m thankful Nancy answered my questions with purity. I’m especially thankful for the life of this Merlin who afforded me the opportunity to use him/her as a learning tool. 

Time you can never get back, but you can spend it in the best of ways. Ways that make meaningful impacts and connections on others’ lives. For that I thank you, thank you, Nancy for the giving of your time to reteach me.