Meet the Flower That Only Lives 24 Hours

When I learn something new about a plant it makes seeing them the next time even more impressive.

Hartweg Evening Primrose or Hartweg Sundrops (Calylophus hartwegii) greets the world in the evening, stays up all night, and then by the evening of the next day it is spent. After it is done for the blooms dries to a pink, orange wad. Like many of us this plant hates high humidity.

The most fascinating fact about this plant – it is pollinated by sphinx moths. Not the other butterflies, birds, or bees that use this plant for food but a sphinx moth!

Much of nature relies on other species to survive and thrive. Now I know when I see Hartweg I can conclude that sphinx moths have been and/or were present. Plus, it makes for an excellent interpretative educational topic when leading a hike.