Zoey the Pet Therapy Dog

Zoey the Pet Therapy Dog

A dog came to sit with me the other day.

Her name is Zoey, a black and white border collie. She’s quite special because she’s a pet therapy dog. 

Zoey got special permission after a year of Covid-19 to be with me during my testing and doctor appointment. 

Her presence gave me comfort during one of my highest anxiety moments.

Even as my doctor walked by he stopped long enough to pet Zoey.

A dog came to be with me the other day.

She fished, she wagged her tail, and she greeted everyone. I loved on her and gave her belly rubs.  Mostly, I just looked into her big beautiful eyes. 

Zoey got me through that day by just being present in that moment in time with me.

That’s her job. Helping give comfort to get people through their darkest days.

Thank you, Zoey!