Converting from Paper to Digital for Wildlife Data

Camera trap datasheets.

Sharing a part of my research process of camera trapping that I have conducted since 2015. 

Camera trapping means more than going through images captured on cameras. With each photo from all the cameras, it entails noting the number of animals, types of animals, frequency of animals, as well as weather patterns.  I am able to note plant growth as well. 

Over the years the data has been logged on legal pads and other various kinds of paper. Basically, whatever was available. Each month. Each year. Pages of hand-written data for noting how many coyotes, how many deer, etc. by each camera I have set out.

Then I transfer the handwritten data to an Excel file for the corresponding year it was collected. Yes – there might be an easier way to do this but it is the method that works ideally for me.

I’m about to try Rocketbook for my data. My friend, Cindy introduced it to me. If it works then the paper will no longer be needed. You know how it is trying some new tech thing you get worried, scared, and apprehensive. Tech paper shouldn’t be scary. But it is for me who is so used to using actual paper, including Post-it Notes!

Wish me luck!