What the Water Tank Brought – Part 2

It has been almost a year since a 3RF conservation volunteer bought a livestock water tank to replace a metal one that had long seen better days on the main part of the 3 Rivers Foundation campus. The tank was placed under a honey mesquite tree to protect it near the ongoing and evolving pollinator garden.  

I started off using a Reconyx camera and then moved to a Bushnell. Why? I was hoping the Bushnell would provide higher quality images at 24MP for close-ups of birds. This Bushnell has been a pain over these last several months. Technology should be straightforward. Everything with this camera is like a long winding curved mountain road. I have never known what I’m getting from month to month. It works for like 24 hours and then stops. It cannot take video and photos at the same time. What you think is the ‘on’ button is really not. The camera in question is Bushnell by Primos Prime Trail Camera 24MP LowGlow.

Finally, after resetting it again for what seemed like the 25th time – the camera started working again continuously this month.

Here is a selection of the best of those recent images that captured a variety of birds and mammals coming to the water tank. I’ll be on the hunt for another camera to use at this water tank. Right now the birds it is capturing are vital to my ongoing research.

A variety of camera trap images showing birds, raccoons, coyotes at a water tank.
Unknown mouse walking the rim of the water tank.
Coyote on a night visit.
Bullock’s Oriole.
White-crowned sparrow.

Golden-fronted Woodpecker.

Northern Mockingbird.
Blue Grosbeak.


Another coyote during the day.

Yellow-headed cowbird.

A pair of raccoons.

A Painted Bunting.

Red-headed Woodpecker.

Great-tailed Grackle.