The Dogs I Meet – Hope

Hope getting pets from Elaine.

“Dogs are our bridge – our connection to who we really are, and most tellingly, who we want to be.”

Patricia B. McConnell

I have always loved Great Danes and I love this quote. Great Danes are majestic dogs in their own right. My heart was over the moon when I met Hope at the Bluegrass Classic in Lexington, KY on September 3, 2022.

Laying on a pastel pad she raised up and approached me. Her trainer said it was okay to love her. What a fantastic opportunity for Hope to ask me to be loved and petted with the nudging of her nose. Her soul was gentle as she kept rubbing up against me. When I stopped petting her she’d nudge my hand again for more pets.

As I tried to get a photo of her, she walked over to my friend Elaine begging for more love.

I do not know how she placed in this dog show but she is a grand champion in my opinion. All dogs deserve the care and love that Hope receives.

What’s so remarkable is that Great Danes were bred to hunt boars.