The Hunt Story – Chapter One Insight…

“Fatal Bullets and the Search for Justice” is a three-part book.  Part I details the murders of Dr. Roy and Mae Hunt and F. A. Loyd.  Chapter One is titled:  Dark Shadows and briefly introduces the horrific murders of Dr. Roy and Mae Hunt in October 1943 and establishes the basic forensics available to police investigators and Texas Rangers in the 1920s to 1940s.

An excerpt from Chapter 1 – Dark Shadows:



Historically, there are days when dark shadows descend down on a town.  Littlefield, Texas was not exempted from having its own dark days.  The small West Texas town was struck with grief and horror of a darkness that came with three murders.

On October 26, 1943, Dr. Roy and Mae Hunt were brutally bound and murdered in their bed.  However, it was not the town’s first time into this type of darkness.  Seven years earlier the county sheriff, F.A. Loyd was gunned down.  While this book is not about the murder of the sheriff, it is about the darkness that settled over the town that resulted from the Hunt murders and his murder.

Both of these cases used early forensics in trying the alleged murderers.  The fatal bullets in these cases are forensically and judicially intertwined due to the investigators who became central in both cases in this small community.

Evidence always bears the personality and professional mark of the person who gathered it during an investigation.  The evidence in the murders of the sheriff, especially the Hunts bears the marks of the county sheriff, deputies, Texas Rangers and the state attorneys.


Photograph restored by Christena Stephens,  author’s possession.