Blessing of God’s Cat

A few days ago I was installing new maps I created and designed at an Oratory in a Texas Panhandle cemetery. A cold, brisk wind was blowing and I was doing the job by myself of hanging six maps. The Oratory has two glass paneled boxes with dimensions of 56” x 38”. The glass panels themselves are supported by two aluminum pieces to prop them open.

I was struggling against the wind, as well as the heaviness of the glass panels to get the aluminum pieces in place. The glass panels are at least 40 – 50 lbs each. In my frustration, I started cussing and then making apologies to God because I was in a cemetery. But as soon as I got one aluminum piece in place the other would pop out. This went on for a while. So, unfortunately, the use of bad words continued.

God's Cat

Then a miracle happened. I started hearing a meowing. I have been in that cemetery on and off many times for over year and have never seen a cat or a dog. Around the northern brick, corner emerged a gorgeous blue-eyed babe who started going in and out around my feet and purring loudly. That small four-footed miracle put a stop to my cussing and ended my frustrations. She is what I needed to finish my job.

She was like a little dog following my every move. I stopped to love her and she just purred loudly. As I continued my work, she kept meowing like she was talking to me to keep me unruffled as I was fighting the wind to install the maps. This babe kept getting so close that I even stepped on her tail a couple of times and she never said a word. She just looked up at me like “It’s ok, I’m here for you. Don’t worry about me, you didn’t hurt me.”

I see this blue-eyed babe as God’s interjection into my life that cold, blustery morning as a sign that he is always near and will bless us with what we need even though we may not realize we need a blessing.

Photograph – © Christena Stephens Photography