Tossing of a Dead Dog

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Nothing infuriates me more or gives me more heartache than when I see an abused or mistreated dog. Especially when the mistreatment happens right out your back door. Tossed aside like it was nothing, but a rotten piece of meat.

Dead Dog

This morning I woke to find a small terrier-like dog had been thrown in the alley without a care in the world. Tossed aside without a second thought as to who would see the dead dog. Tossed in the alley with the heat we’ve had to only explode hours later. Tossed in the alley to only start reeking of decay and the odor of death.

What’s tragic about this is that the dog was not even loved enough to wrap it in a sheet or a towel and put in a plastic bag to call city hall or animal control to come and pick it up.

You don’t get that poor dog had a heart. You don’t get that dog deserved better at the end of its life. You don’t get that it deserved to be properly vetted and cared for. How do I make this conclusion? You never neutered the dog! Plus from the condition of its coat you never gave it a bath or brushed its fur.

If you’re going to always be this careless with an animal then next time don’t get a damn dog if this is the way you’re going to treat it. It would be better off being in another home or euthanized at a shelter.

In the end, the dog did nothing. It was not its fault. The dog probably tried reaching out to you on many levels for love and attention – yet was cast aside and ignored. Yes – you may have fed and watered it, but seriously having a dog means more than that. It means loving it and making it apart of your life and family. If you can’t do that – then pass on getting the dog. How you treated this dog at the end of its life only speaks volumes about your character.


P.S. – Yes, some towns do have laws on burying a dog in your backyard. You have the option of cremating the animal or you wrap the dog up in a towel or sheet, place its body in a plastic bag and call animal control to come and pick it to properly dispose of it.


Photograph – © Christena Stephens