First Confirmed Coyote Pups

One of coyote pups checking out the camera.


Brown 8 - July 2016 279.JPG
Taking another look at the camera trap.

Its official Comanche Springs now has its first confirmed coyote pups born this year. I was so delighted to see these captures on one of my camera traps.

Earlier in the year some of the camera traps captured at least two pregnant coyotes wandering throughout the campus out of at least six confirmed coyotes on the property. Out of these six was a strictly monogamous pair of coyotes who mated between mid-January to about March this year.

With a gestation period of around 63 – 65 days the pups were born in either a rocky outcrop, hollow tree or rock ledge. The photos show four coyote pups playing in their territory. Unbeknownst to me, I placed this camera trap in this mated pair’s territory and den area. Interestingly, both parents protect their young and their territory during this initial growth period.

Other interesting facts about the coyote pups include: they are dependent on milk for about their first 10 days; then their diet becomes regurgitated food from their parents; by four to six weeks’ – mice, rabbits, and other meats are given to them by both parents; these pups should be able to hunt on their own as fall nears; and they will attain adult dimensions probably before year’s end or the beginning of next year. They are now out and about exploring their territory away from the safety of their den.

Playing coyote pups.
Playing coyote pups.