Best Camera Trap Captures – October 2016

I’ll be sharing the best camera trap captures from each month in 2016. These images are from the field research I’m conducting for 3 Rivers Foundation, so I’ll be presenting these captures all the way back to January 2016.

These images are selected to show here are based on the animal behavior captured, as well as the uniqueness of the capture.

October 2016 – Best Camera Trap Captures

Feral Hog - 3RF Research - Camera Trap Image
Feral hogs are an ever menace to native wildlife and destroyer of wildlife habitats, even so, captures like this one are priceless because it shows a kinder side to them.
Coyote Meal - 3RF Research - Camera Trap
It’s not often the cameras catch coyotes with a recent kill for their dinner. In this image, the coyote captured its unknown bird prey in the previous images, before trotting down the trial for its dine on its dinner.
White-tail buck and coyotes - 3RF Research - Camera Trap
Rare capture of a white-tailed buck and three coyote pups.
Striped Skunk - 3RF Re
This capture is remarkable also. Most of the captures of the striped skunks are at night and always give the cameras butt shots. However, this one shows a mom and her two babies trotting down the path during the early evening hours.
Bobcat Meal - 3RF Research - Camera Trap
A bobcat carrying something in its mouth. It’s hard distinguishing what indeed it’s carrying. After getting a friend to look at this image – we determined its either a baby bobcat, a small beaver, or a long-tailed weasel.
Bobcat family - 3RF Research - Camera Trap
Of all the images captured so far during this research, this image is one of the most valuable. What you see is a family of bobcats. We spotted this family on the road going into 3Rf a month earlier. It was one of those “Oh shit!” moments when you see something trying to cross the road and you are not sure what it is. Then you keep driving closer and see a mother bobcat and her four babies.  There was no time for me a grab my camera to take photos. There is a good indication these bobcat kittens were born on 3RF property. A family of bobcats is called a clowder.



Photographs – © Christena Stephens