Timeline of the Complicated Hunt Murders

Writing and researching nonfiction is often not an easy task, especially when it comes to true crime. It takes a lot of perseverance to make sure all your research bases are covered. Then it takes hundreds if not thousands of hours delving through all that research figuring out the important parts that will convey the story.

Once you’ve figured out what to include in your book writing and then re-editing it many times becomes even more of a challenge. I will always truthfully admit I screwed up on what I thought was a near-perfect first draft. Since then I’ve rewritten the book twice and done deep edits.

During all those hours I was brought to my wit’s end several times. The complicated murders of Dr. Roy and Mae Hunt have challenged me to scream at times. Why is that?

Well, the timeline of the story gives you the perfect clue and insight on why the screaming and the challenges. I’m sharing the timeline of this complicated true crime story. It entails not only the murders themselves but also the attempted murder of Dr. Roy Hunt and all the trials that ensued. What’s listed in the timeline is everything I needed to include in the Hunt story.

So from the initial attempted murder in May 1942 to the January 1953 dismissal of the Hunt murder case, this story spans 11 years. During these 11 years, six trials took place along with four appeals. All the events occurred in towns located in the Texas Panhandle and other towns in West Texas.




Graphics – © Christena Stephens