Review of The Rebirth of Hope

My Journey from Vietnam War Child to American Citizen
Sau Le Hudecek
  Genre: Memoir / Inspirational
Publisher: Texas Christian University Press
Date of Publication: June 15, 2017
Number of Pages: 160
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Born in a demilitarized zone during the Vietnam War to a Vietnamese mother and American soldier, Sau Le arrived in the United States as a young woman with only twenty dollars in her pocket. Though bullied and abused since childhood, she nevertheless came to her new homeland armed with courage and determined to build a decent life for herself, her infant son, and her traumatized mother. This is the story of how she overcame every conceivable hurdle—significant culture shock, a daunting language barrier, serious illness, heartbreak, and betrayal—to become a landlord, a successful business owner, a joyous wife and mom, and a woman blessed with generous, loyal friends. She describes an arduous journey, both physical and emotional, from a place of terror and utter despair to a life overflowing with love and prosperity. Ultimately, this is a story of hope, something Sau Le thought she’d lost long ago in the minefields of Vietnam. Her goal is both to uplift and to remind everyone born on American soil that anything in this land is possible for those willing to put dedication, faith, and passion to work.
Praise for The Rebirth of Hope:
“Sau Le has an innate abundance of beauty, wisdom, loyalty and dignity which led her to overcome unbelievable challenges and fully realize her dream in America. Thus proving once again that adversity builds character. I couldn’t put it down.”
—Dan Jenkins, bestselling author of Semi-Tough
“Sau Le lifted her head and walked through years of hard work and determination, inspiring other women along the way! Every word of her personal journey was written to remind all of us!” 
—Robin Sanders, Sanders Travel Agency
“An inspiring story of a Vietnam refugee’s journey to achieve the ‘American Dream.’ This book is a lesson for everyone.” 
—Martin C. Bowen, financial executive
“To have written this remarkable story is one more example of the focus and tenacity that Sau Le Hudecek has shown in achieving her previous goals. You will remember this gripping tale of resilience and courage.” 
—Gail Williamson Rawl
“A truly inspirational story of a fearless person who overcame unbelievable odds to make a better life and obtain the ‘American dream.’” 
—Janie Beggs

The Rebirth of Hope – A Review

 “I don’t cry easily, but tears filled my eyes. Not only had an elegant lady who had struck me as quite intelligent and wise spoken with kindness to me, but she’d reached out in a way that gave me the hint of something I’d never really felt before – a sense of belonging.”
This poignantly written book takes readers through the life of author Sau Le Hudecek during her time in Vietnam, as well as after she moved to the United States. Born to a Vietnam woman and a father who was an American soldier, she recounts and shares the most important moments in her life.
There are many moments in the book – some not as profound, but no less stirring of her life’s journey. One moment in particular that stood out for me is when she was taking her cosmetology exam in Austin and did not know what “sex” was in terms of gender identification. It was a profound moment in her life when the examiner helped her with the question instead of walking from her.
The best part of Hudecek’s book for me was reading the bits and pieces of her life in Vietnam and what the country was like during her early years, as well as after visiting the country with her second husband later in life. Many of us naively take for granted that a grocery store is in driving distance, that there are a washer and dryer in our homes, among the many other conveniences we have. The best share of hers is what life was like Vietnam was when traveling by plane. Get this – a donkey pulled a cart with everyone’s luggage at the Vietnam airport.
Overall, what readers will take away is that hopefully with the right attitude and work ethic you can make your life better, as well as not to be envious of others. Sau shares her poignant story with both good and bad people she encountered and its great knowing that the good people sometimes outweigh the bad and give you hope.
Sau Le Hudecek owns a successful salon in Fort Worth, Texas, while still serving her own elite clientele.  In 1993, she arrived in the United States at the age of 22 and was sworn in as a citizen in 2001. She lives with her family in Granbury enjoying the sunsets from their home on the lake.
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