The Unremembered Girl – My Review



  Genre: Psychological Suspense / Mystery
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Date of Publication: November 1, 2017
Number of Pages: 332
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In the deep woods of East Texas, Henry supports his family by selling bootleg liquor. It’s all he can do to keep his compassionate but ailing mother and his stepfather—a fanatical grassroots minister with a bruising rhetoric—from ruin. But they have no idea they’ve become the obsession of the girl in the woods.
Abandoned and nearly feral, Eve has been watching them, seduced by the notion of family—something she’s known only in the most brutal sense. Soon she can’t resist the temptation to get close. Where Henry’s mother sees a poor girl in need, his father sees only wickedness. When Henry forges an unexpected bond with Eve, he believes he might be able to save her. He doesn’t know how wrong he is.
Eve is about to take charge of her own destiny—and that of Henry’s family. As both their worlds spin violently out of control, Henry must make an impossible choice: protect the broken young woman who’s claimed a piece of his soul, or put everyone he loves at risk in order to do the right thing.


Praise for The Grave Tender Eliza Maxwell’s Previous Book:

“An emotional powerhouse of a story that will leave readers reeling from the beginning to the end.” —Christena Stephens, Forgotten Winds

“Beautiful and intoxicating.” —Chelsea Humphrey, The Suspense is Thrilling Me

“Haunting. Lyrical. Beautiful. Dark. At times, sickening.” —Julia Byers, Books in the Garden

“This is dark psychological suspense that skillfully inspires a slow-dawning dread. . .It will shred you.” — Michelle Newby, Lone Star Literary Life

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The Unremembered Girl – My Review

“A love like that, Henry, where you’re so close that one breathes out and the other breathes in the same breath . . . It’s a powerful thing. Maybe the most powerful thing.”

Author Eliza Maxwell does it again with her recent novel “The Unremembered Girl” – leaving readers emotionally charged and breathless. She brings to life a story around two main characters of Henry and Eve. Henry saves Eve and the results of him saving her life take turns that only Eliza can craft. From the very first chapter the author had me wondering and guessing who was it that Henry killed, only to find out towards the end of the story the real reason why he was about to dispose of a body.
There are many principal themes in this novel that took me on an emotional journey. Eliza’s writing is flawless in her story telling. One underlying story evolves around one of the main character’s having ovarian cancer and choosing to not treat it. Then there is the element of human trafficking, which intertwines the characters through the girl that becomes Eve.
Overall, the premise of what’s doing right often leads the characters onto other more gut wrenching decisions and major life altering changes. Thankfully, as some of the characters survive you can reflect why Eliza chose the title because there can be life after what these characters go through.
Maxwell crafted the story with a lot of mind blowing moments that kept me intrigued in the story to where it would it lead next. Like when finding out that Henry’s stepbrother had been involved with human trafficking or who actually fathered Eve’s baby or how that body came to be that Henry was disposing of.
It’s a story that envelops the characters to help a girl. By them helping Eve their lives change in terrible ways and one miraculous way. Often the story is deeply poignant and more often its highly gut-wrenching. Thanks Eliza for another story I’ll never forget.

Eliza Maxwell lives in Texas with her ever patient husband and two kids. She’s an artist and writer, an introvert and a British cop drama addict. She loves nothing more than to hear from readers. You can find her at
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