The Case of the Curious Cow


Who knew cursing at one of my camera traps would literally bring a cow to coming running? Well, not running, but her curiosity caught the best of her and she came quickly enough that it appeared as if she ran.

In February of this year, I was having a heck of a time with a battery case on a camera trap. I could not get it opened. When you’re out in the middle of nowhere – literally no one can hear you, except for the cows of course – I started cursing at the battery case and camera. My curses were loud enough that it brought this little beauty up to the dividing fence to check on me. My curses can get pretty loud when I’m frustrated. That battery compartment was giving me fits. It’s not like I had not opened it the past two years once a month or more. I don’t know why cursing makes it seem to make a job at hand easier to deal with, but it does.

As I continued my cursing, she stood there twitching her ears and tail back and forth as I continued struggling with the battery compartment. Occasionally, I talked to her, asking her what she thought about everything. I don’t know what was wrong with the camera, but finally, it opened so I could exchange the batteries out.

Before setting the camera back in place, I stopped long enough to grab a photo of her to immortalize that moment in time. I kindly thanked her for her concern and we went our separate ways. I think I stopped eating beef for a while afterwards because her concern was very endearing to my heart.

When you gaze upon certain cow faces long enough you realize that they indeed can have an intelligence and with this blonde babe – her astuteness shined when she inquired about my cursing. Yes – I did return to eating beef every once in awhile a few months later.

Note: This photo found a loving home in a dear friend’s home in Oklahoma City.