Don’t Read Obituaries. Live in the Moment!

Copy of _To know one's self is wisdom, but not to know one's neighbors is genius._ _ Minna Antrim


This is Azrael’s advice to a dear friend of mine whom I’ve known for over ten years. We met in New Mexico at a museum conference. Arthur is one of the kindest soul’s I have met in this chaotic and often unpredictable world.

When I found out he reads obituaries as a daily ritual, I shared his story with Azrael. (Yes, I do talk to my dog.)  Azrael’s advice to Arthur is simple – “Ignore reading the obituaries – you’re not dead yet!”

None of us should read obituaries, because they are just another representation of our mortality. Instead of shaking our heads, feeling the loneliness of another person gone, and walking away with a heavier heart – we should be living our lives and be enjoying each second, minute, hour, and day given to us.

Life can change in an instant.

Live in the moment.