Best 2018 Camera Trap Captures

As 2018 comes to a close, I am sharing the best camera trap captures from my research at Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus this year. Some captures are quite remarkable, especially of the bat.

This year found the campus being flooded twice and two my cameras were completely underwater and survived.  Bird diversity was seen to be increasing and of course, the raccoons are still the most curious animals surveyed. Sadly, the roadrunners were not as abundant this year.



Brown 10 - August 2018 636
Northern Cardinal.
Reconyx 1 - August 2018 305
Yellow-crowned night heron.
Reconyx 1 - August 2018 495
Turkey vulture selfie.
Reconyx 1 - March 2018 2527
Yes – bats do use the Beaver Pond. Love how the camera picked up its wing structure.
Reconyx 1 - September 2018 1095
There is so much going on this capture from the turkeys, to the turkey vultures, to the great blue heron.
Reconyx 4 - March 2018 060
Always love seeing curious bobcats.
Reconyx 4 - October 2018 346
Simply the best photo capture of this year.
Reconyx 4 - September 2018 160
A young coyote.
Reconyx 5 - Dec 2018 196
Bobcat walking through.
Reconyx 5 - May 2018 051
Is there anything more adorable than a baby javelina?