When Your Heart Falls Fast



It only took the span of an afternoon to fall for this guy in 2018. He’d been severely neglected and abandoned. He trusted me immediately. He laid down beside the rocker and looked up at me like he finally found someone who would never let him know hunger or pain ever again.  As we walked to meet the horses, he walked proudly and slowly and was even a tad curious about the horse.

I fell for him! After his vet clearance, I had planned on bringing home to meet Azrael.

Sadly, he never got better under vet care. My friend, Kerri had to make the heartwrenching decision to end his pain.

The people that neglected and abandoned little Sully broke two hearts last year, mine and Kerri’s. Often much of humanity is the worst part of living on this earth due to how people treat dogs. If only those people had the heart of a dog! If only karma was as quick as falling for a dog.  Because it really did only a take day to fall for Sully!