Meet My Favorite Wildflowers of 2019

This year has been great for rain in the Texas Rolling Plains area. The greens seem more vibrant this year and wildflowers have carpeted large areas with their blossoms. Yellows of Gordon’s bladderpod, to clasping coneflowers, to lavenders of horsemint and American basketflowers are just a few of the massive blooms.

I’ve been biologically monitoring Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus since 2015. As of June 15, 2019, the campus has received a little over 13 inches of rain. While wildflowers have emerged in the past they have not appeared like they have this year. I am seeing wildflowers that I have never seen before and often most times what greets me every time I go to the campus is new carpets of wildflowers whose seeds have remained dormant just waiting for the rain so they can surface and grow.

With all these wildflowers the pollinators are happy. There are hundreds of butterflies fluttering about. Butterflies from queens, monarchs, swallowtails, sulfur, grey hairstreaks, cabbage whites to tawny emperors are all dancing with delight amongst the wildflowers. There are white-lined sphinx moth caterpillars on the campus, with one seen flying a couple of weeks ago. They rarely sit still long enough to capture a photo of many of them, especially those swallowtails.

Come along and meet my favorite wildflowers of 2019.

Basketflower 1 - 3RF May 2019 copy
American basketflower
Blue Eyed Grass - 3RF April 2019 copy
Blue-eyed grass
Cobaea Beardtongue - 3RF May 2019 copy
Cobaea beardtongue
Feather Dalea - 3RF April 2019 copy
Feather dalea
Foxglove - 3RF April 2019 copy
Large Lace Cactus Blooms - 3RF May 2019 copy
Lace cactus
Original Name Ed-1
Fringed puccoon
Original Name Ed
Clasping venus looking glass
Prairie Lily - 3RF March 2019 copy
Prairie lily
Prairie Spiderwort - 3RF May 2019 copy
Prairie spiderwort
Sulfur Butterfly and Thistle - 3RF May 2019 copy-1
Sulfur butterfly and thistle
Two-leaf Senna - 3RF May 2019 copy
Two-leaf senna
Wild Carrot Close - 3RF May 2019 copy
Wild carrot