Tying Bows and Shoes Has Never Been More Fun– My Book Review

A Rabbit and Fox Story
Sybrina Durant
Category: Children’s Activity Book / Picture Book
Date of Publication: September 25, 2020
Number of Pages: 39 pages
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Cleo loves bows. She wears her hair in a bow and decorates her room with bows. Cleo is bow crazy. Learning to tie a bow is very difficult for some people but Cleo remembers how to do it from a cute story she once heard. It is about a little rabbit with very long ears and a very helpful fox who shows her what to do to keep them clean. This is the story of how Cleo learns to tie a “bunny ear” bow. Exercises in manual dexterity build self-esteem in children. Knowing how to tie shoestrings, scarves and more into a bow is a useful and rewarding skill. Teach a child a useful skill. Build confidence and self-esteem that lasts a lifetime. Other books in the Learn To Tie With The Rabbit and the Fox series are the book with that name in English, Spanish, and Tagalog plus Nellie Knows How To Knot A Neck Scarf and Ned Knows How To Knot A Necktie.
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Tying Bows and Shoes Has Never Been More Fun – My Book Review  

First, I was enthusiastically looking forward to reading this book.

Second, I fell in love with this book. Here’s why!

Cleo Can Tie A Bow by Sybrina Durant is a charming children’s book that first relates why Cleo loves bows. Then it introduces a rabbit who has very large ears and a fox who saves the day by helping the rabbit.

The book then interactively teaches kids how to tie a bow or their shoelaces. To help kids learn how to tie a bow a fox, along with illustrations, helps kids follow step by step in tying a bow.

I did read this book out loud. The words flowed perfectly in telling the story from Cleo to the fox. The story is easy to follow especially with following the directions on how to tie a bow. The illustrations by artist Pumudi Gardiyawasam are vibrant and fit perfectly with this story. Yes – I am partial to the fox because he’s the cutest ever.

Tying bows and shoes has never been more fun! Best of all kids are being taught by a fox. If you have child at the age of needing to learn how to tie bows and their shoes then most definitely buy this book to learn along with them.

Sybrina Durant is the author of some fanciful and some factual books. Her writings have inspired several online entrepreneurial ventures. Two of those are the Rabbit and Fox Bookstore and the Girls Love Bows Gift Shop. Spend some time browsing both for some interesting and surprising gift ideas for yourself and others.

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