Yep, My Momma Is Still At It – Woof, Woof

Yep, yep.

Yes, yes.

Woof, woof.

However, you want me to say it. Here’s an update from me, Azrael.  

You see this picture here of me laying on the couch. You think I am sound asleep but I am pretending. My big ears are actually tuned in to mom and her voice.

German shepherd dog laying on a couch.
Me pretending to be asleep!

Her voice?

Yep. Yes. And woof.

You see my ears get to hear her voice while she is doing a final edit on her Hunt book. When she stumbles or pauses that’s when I know she’s thinking of making something clearer and more concise. As her friend, Ginny says, more down to earth. When she pauses for an extra-long time I lift my head and make sure she’s okay. Then proceed back to the pretending to be asleep mode.

You guys don’t get how complicated of a story this was to research, make notes of, write up those notes, and then formulate a story. I mean I have been with her for nine years of this. Files all over the house. Books with sticky notes laying all about. I am talking about massive files and books. Those appeal trial records were huge and she read every single page.

The hard part of all this is the editing, editing, editing. And then the revision, revision, revision. Then more editing to shape this story into one that tells the dramatic events in the true light of what actually happened has always been her goal. She’s had some awesome help with the edits from friends. But in the end, this has to be told in her own way.

So, I just wanted ya’ll to know that she is still plugging away at this final pass of editing. If you have given up on her then phooey on you. That’s your fault. I haven’t. You shouldn’t either. Because in the mass of writing and editing, life happened to her. Storms and heartbreaks of life surrounded her many times.  But in those storms and heartbreaks, she has survived. I’m so thankful for all those fantabulous sunsets and sunrises during those storms we have seen that reminded her that life can still be beautiful. And of course, she still has me. I am her guardian angel who always has her back and right now of course she has my ears that are completely tuned to her when she needs someone to listen as the words of the Hunt book come off the pages.

There you have it. She ain’t quit on this. All I ask is that you support her and help her get through this last pass.

Stay safe and healthy.

Yes. Yes. Woof. Woof.