Always, Always Listen to Your Instincts

This is Cora. She’s a gorgeous Leonberger visiting Washington state. Cora was actually born in McKinney, Texas and calls Idaho home. 💙


I’m sharing her photos to remind you to listen to your gut and your instincts. Then act and let them be your guide. 💙

I helped Cora with one small, simple task of helping her mom get her car open. I witnessed her mom in anguish because she could not get into her car where Cora was locked in. Cora’s mom had called for a locksmith but their arrival was unknown. As I was waiting outside for the arrival of more Entlebuchers to arrive at the hotel my mind went silent as I gazed upon Cora’s mom’s car. A few minutes went by and then my gut and instincts told me to look for lens cleaning wipes in my purse. I did not have any and went up to my room to get some.

As I returned downstairs to Cora’s mom, who was now waiting on an outside bench, looked at me apprehensively as I approached her and told her to try this simple method of cleaning the car’s keypad with a lens cleaning wipe. She smiled wryly and then said okay. After opening the package and wiping the keypad down she plugged in her code again and the door opened. The look of relief was priceless. And out Cora came from the back seat after her mom hugged me gratefully. Complete strangers coming together in kindness.

All it took was a simple item of a lens cleaning wipe to get the car keypad to work. All it took was me listening to my gut and trusting my instincts, as well as believing that the simplest method is the answer to the problem at hand.

Life is not easy for many of us at the moment. But we can make it better for others if we just simply listen to our guts and instincts and then act and do. Being a bystander to life is not life. That’s not why we are here. We are here to help others.

Here’s gorgeous Cora to remind you of that…. 💙

Cora Boop

P.S. – I’m quite thankful I got to love and pet Cora many times after this moment. May her and her mom always find kindness in this big world.